Monday, June 15, 2009

Bachelorette Party!

Hopefully I'll get a couple of the guys pics too. But for our Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties this past weekend we each went to dinner, minigolf, and gokarts. But separately. We had a ton of fun!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Wedding Party!

Blog 30

I'd say it's time for a new post wouldn't you?

Can you believe this.... we'll be married in 9 DAYS!!!! How exciting. What have I been up to? Talked to all vendors to finalize everything, which felt very good. Finished the wedding day timeline. Been preparing myself mentally to laugh everything off that could go wrong. Speaking of things going wrong, I was supposed to have my hair trial last night and at the last minute I thought... I never got a confirmation call. I called up there... my stylist is in cancun! I was still on the books though?? Good thing I called I guess, sheesh. Luckily!!! I'm taking off work W-F next week so I'll be able to go in Wednesday morning. So, crisis averted.

So, what else... tonight I will be going to the reception hall to test out my picture slideshow on their equipment, because, hey, you never know. And this Saturday is the Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, yay! We are both going to Branson but separately. Since we are both Far from being party animals. It will be dinner, go karts, and mini golf. But it will be so fun just hanging with friends.

Last night (since I didnt have a hair appt) I organized allll my wedding stuff. I had stuff in a bunch of separate tiny boxes.. I had so many boxes from all the stuff I've ordered, so last night I condensed and now my office doesn't look like a train wreck.

I feel like all the planning is where it needs to be. Just a few more people to call and invite to the rehearsal dinner.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Turner Bridal Shower

We had a Great Weekend!! It was the final shower. Jake's Stepmom and Aunt, Stephanie and Lori threw it. It was so nice. It was at a tea room and there were a lot of family there including my mom and future sis-in-law that visited for the weekend as well as a ton of Jake's family and a couple friends. Here are some pics, I may have more to post later. The ones where I am embarrassed and laughing... they wrote down everything I said while opening gifts and then read it off as what I will say on my wedding night. LOL.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Personal Shower!

First off, a great big thank you to everyone who put together and came to my personal shower!
It was so nice. We had it at Big Momma's CoffeeShop. Here are some pic

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blog 29

Is anyone else as excited as me!?!?!? 3 1/2 weeks! Thats it! For the longest time when I tell people how much time is left they tell me it will fly by to that I say Hogwash! The last 15 months have crawled! But finally I feel like this point on will fly! I still have stuff on my to do list so that will fill up a lot of time plus I have some fun parties ahead of me! Personal Shower this Sunday (ooo la la!), Turner Shower next Saturday and Bachelorette Party the following Saturday.

I feel like we haven't done a lot lately but when I really think about it we kind of have. We met with Pastor Randy and we have written our wedding vows! Also as I've mentioned before, on our to do list was 'finish landscaping' and although we have the tiniest bit of tweaking to do it is done! (see picture). Last night we practiced dancing... figured that might be a good idea. Then we wrapped some gifts. Theres still plenty that needs done but I can handle it. Just one thing at a time and it'll get done.